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HigherVibe Christian Rap Kru: Video

Trip to Kosovo

Concert in Kosovo

Gospel Nite Kingston Outreach History  


HigherVibe Christian Rap Kru: Raps
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  HigherVibe Christian Rap Kru: Educational Raps
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Street Essentials




CATECHISM VIDEOS (these are to be watched alongside taking the Urban Catechism)



Q2: 'Unbelief' John 7:40-42' Q4: Holiness pt.1
Q3: Essentials: 'The Trinity' Q5: Holiness pt. 2
Q3: Essentials: 'Did Jesus Claim to Be God' Q5: Holiness pt. 3 
Q4: Street Essentials: 'Dad' Q21: Shepherding pt. 1
Q4: 'Dad Issues' John 14:4-11 Q21: Shepherding pt. 2
Q4: Father Heart of God pt.1 Q21: Shepherding pt. 3
Q4: Father Heart of God pt.2 Q22: Parenting 
Q4: Father Heart of God pt.3 Q25: Forgiveness
Q4: Father Heart of God pt.4 Q25: Corrie Ten Boom testimony 
Q5: Joseph's Suffering Q30: Money pt. 1 'The Poor Excuse' 
Q5: No More Drama Q30: Money pt. 2 'Money Love' 
Q5: 'This is Where I Live' Q30: Money pt. 3 'Stewardship' 
Q6: Street Essentials: 'Alone' Q38: Matt 6:9-15 'The Lord's Prayer' 
Q8: 'God's Governors' Genesis 1:26 Q40: Essentials 8 'Unable'
Q9: Essentials: 'Purpose of Life' Q40: Essentials 9 'Drawn'
Q18: Blame Q40: Essentials 10 'Chosen'
Q18: Victim Mentality pt.1 Q42: Essentials 11 'New Life'
Q18: Victim Mentality pt.2 Q43: Essentials 7 'Conversion'
Q18: Victim Mentality pt.4 Q44: Essentials 5 'Justified'
Q19: 'Christ's ID' Redux Q45: Essentials 6 'Adopted'
Q19: 'Are You Good Enough' Matt 22:1-14 Redux Q46: Essentials 13 'Sanctification'
Q19: Essentials: 'Justification'  
Q20: 'Frustration' Genesis 11  
Q21: 'Is God Angry?' PART 3
Q21: Victim Mentality pt.7 Q15: 'Editing Your Life Story' Gen 2-3 
Q22: Street Essentials: 'The Struggle' Q15: 'Suffering and Joseph'
Q22: Street Essentials: 'Trapped' Q22: 'Time Management' 
Q24: Essentials: 'Sanctification' Q29: NLC Church Vision Series 
Q25: 'Noah and the Sinful Hearts' Genesis 6  
Q27: Street Essentials: 'Hope'  
Q29: Essentials: 'Conversion'  
Q29: Repentance pt.1 'Changing your Mind'  
Q29: Repentance pt.2 'Remorse'  
Q29: Repentance pt.3 'Bearing Fruit'  
Q30: 'Lord and Saviour' John 1:12  
Q31: 'Stop Sinning' John 5:1-15  
Q32: 'Getting the Relationship Wrong' Exodus 20  
Q34: 'Loving Jesus' John 14:15  
Q35: 'Saul Syndrome'  
Q36: How we got the Old Testament pt.1  
Q36: How we got the Old Testament pt. 2  
Q36: How we got the New Testament pt.1  
Q36: How we got the New Testament pt.2  
Q38: Essentials: 'Providential Preparation 2013'  
Q42: Seed Theology pt.1: 'Two Communtites'  
Q42: Seed Theology pt.2: 'The Rescue'  
Q42: Seed Theology pt.3: 'The Devil Destroyer'  
Q45: 'Baptism'  
Q47: Essentials: 'Communion'  
Q48: Seed Theology pt.4: 'Why the Hostility?'  
Q49: Seed Theology pt.5: 'Mission of the Seed'  
Q49: Seed Theology pt.6: 'How?'  
Q50: Seed Theology pt.7: 'Mercy'  
Q50: Victim Mentality pt.3  
Q50: Victim Mentality pt.5  
Q51: 'Conflict Resolution pt.1' Matt 18:15-20  
Q51: 'Conflict Resolution pt. 2' Matt 18:21-25  
Q51: Victim Mentality pt. 6  
Q52: Essentials: 'Church Membership'  
Q52: Essentials 'Sharpening One Another'  



Biblical Theology (2010)
Biblical theology 1 'The basic story'
Biblical theology 2 'The big picture'
Biblical theology 3 'Timeline of the Kingdom'
Biblical theology 4 'More in-depth Bible story'
Biblical theology 5 'Story about Christ the King'
Biblical theology 6 'Using progressive revelation to understand the Bible'
Biblical theology 7 'Summary exercises'
Biblical theology 8 'Creation'
Biblical theology 9 'The Fall'
Biblical theology 10 'Creation themes'
Biblical theology 11 'Creation summary'
Biblical theology 12 'Line of Cain'
Biblical theology 13 'Line of Seth'
Biblical theology 14 'Kingdom in the Flood'
Biblical theology 15 'Themes in the Flood'
Biblical theology 16 'Flood points to Christ'
Biblical theology 17 'Tower of Babel'
Biblical theology 18 'Abraham'
Biblical theology 19 'Abraham points to Christ'
Biblical theology 20 'The Patriarchs'
Biblical theology 21 'The Exodus'
Biblical theology 22 'Exodus concluding thoughts'
Biblical theology 23 'Kingdom of Priests'
Biblical theology 24 'The Law'
Biblical theology 25 'The Law points to Christ'
Biblical theology 26 'The Tabernacle'
Biblical theology 27 'The Tabernacle points to Christ'
Biblical theology 28 'The Land' pt.1
Biblical theology 29 'The Land' pt.2
Biblical theology 30 'The Land' pt.3
Biblical theology 31 'Judges' pt.1
Biblical theology 32 'Judges' pt.2
Biblical theology 33 'Judges points to Christ'
Biblical theology 34 'King David' pt.1
Biblical theology 35 'King David' pt.2
Biblical theology 36 'The Temple'
Biblical theology 37 'The Temple points to Christ'
Biblical theology 38 'The Kingdom splits'
Biblical theology 39 'The Northern and Southern kingdoms'
Biblical theology 40 'The Prophets'
Biblical theology 41 'The Exile'
Biblical theology 42 'Return from exile'
Biblical theology 43 'The Inter-Testamental period'
Biblical theology 44 'Different Jewish groups'
Biblical theology 45 'Jesus enters history'



John's Gospel (2011-13)

John 1:1-11 'Darkness and Light'
John 1:12-13 'Receiving Jesus'
John 1:12 'Lord and Saviour' 2013
John 1:15-18 'Jesus Shows God's Glory'
John 1:19-34 'Testify'
John 1:35-51 'Jesus sin Taker and King'
John 2:1-11 'The Source of True Joy'
John 2:13-22 'What is Church About'
John 2:23-3:13 'Born Again'
John 3:14-21 'Walk in the Light'
John 3:22-30 'The Cards I've Been Dealt'
John 3:31-36 'The Perfect Son'
John 4:1-26 'The Water Within'
John 4:27-42 'The One Who Knows You'
John 4:43-54 'Healing'
John 5:1-15 'Stop Sinning'
John 5:16-47 'Pleasing the Father'
John 6:1-35 'Working for Eternal Bread'
John 6:36-40 'Jesus Won't Lose You'
John 6:41-47 'Drawn'
John 6:48-71 'Real Bread'
John 7:1-24 'Whose Agenda are you Following?'
John 7:25-39 'Thirsty'
John 7:40-42 'Unbelief'
John 8:12 'Light of the World'
John 8:13-47 'Fake Christian'
John 8:48-59 'Death'
John 9:1-5 'The Works of God'
John 9:6-41 'Are you blind?'
John 10:1-10 'Pastures'
John 10:11-21 'The Good Shepherd'
John 10:22-42 'In His Hands'
John 11:1-57 'New Life'
John 12:1-8 'The Poor Excuse'
John 12:9-19 'Tell the Story Right'
John 12:20-36 'Die' 
John 12:37-50 'Hardness of Heart'
John 13: 1-11 'Using the Right Tool'
John 13:12-17 'Servants'
John 13:18-32 'Betrayal'
John 13:33-35 'Love One Another'
John 13:36-38 'The Most Dangerous Temptation'
John 14:1-3 'Trust Issues'
John 14:4-11 'Dad Issues'
John 14:12-14 '5th Beatle Christianity'
John 14:15 'Loving Jesus'
John 14:16-27 'Lonliness'
John 14:28-31 'God Centred Religion'
John 15:1-8 'Vine and Branches'
John 15:9-11 'Complete Joy'
John 15:12-17 'Love One Another'
John 15:18-16:4 'Rejection'
John 16:5-15 'Conviction'
John 16:16-33 'Joy'
John 17:1-5 'What is Eternity Like?'
John 17:6-19 'Kept by God'
John 17:20-26 'Relationships'
John 18:1-40 'Hero'
John 19:1-27 'Who's your King?'
John 19:28-30 'Finished'
John 19:31-37 'Pierced'
John 19:38-20:18 'Pick a Side'
John 20:21-23 'On a Mission'
John 20:24-31 'Doubt'
John 21:1-14 'Can't Cope'
John 21:15-17 'Loving Jesus'
John 21:18-25 'Mind Your Business'




TOPICAL (2005-2007)
‘Drive out & destroy’ Num 33_50-56
‘Strength in Weakness’ 2Cor12:9
How to Survive in London' Col 1:9-14
The Kingdom of God
God is more powerful than the Goverment' Psalm 2
Going thru hard times' Psalm 3
The Two Thieves' Luke 23_39-43
‘The overcomes in Malatya’ Rev 2:8-11
‘Fat Cows’ Amos
John Evangelism 1. Witnessing
John Evangelism 2. Religious types
John Evangelism 3. Sinners
‘Early Church History’ (Sovereignty of God in Mission)
Mark 1:15 The Gospel And The Kingdom
Heb 1:1-2 God Has Spoken To You
1 Cor 1:22-24 'What Should We Tell People'
Whats Christmas about?
Rom 5:12-21 'In Adam or Christ?'
Godly Feelings
1 Cor 12:1-25 'Spiritual Gifts 1' 
1 Cor 12:7-10a 'Spiritual Gifts 2' 
1 Cor 12:10b 'Spiritual Gifts 3'
1 Kings: 'Solomons Downfall'
Ezekiel 1:1-28 'A Vision of God'
Ezekiel 2:1-3:37 'Telling them God's Word'
Kosova sermon 'The Inviatation to Gjilan'
Psalm 1 'The Happy Life'
Gen 3:1-6 'Temptation'
Gen 3:7-19 'Consequences of Sin'
Gen 3:15 'War of 2 peoples'
Repentance pt.1 'Changing your mind'
Repentance pt.2 'Remorse'
Repentance pt.3 'Bearing fruit'
'Wot have u done wiv your life?' Matt 25:14-30
Psalm 2 'Jesus is on the Throne'
Psalm 90 'Turn the Tables'
Psalm 58 'Justice'
Psalm 22 'What was Jesus thinking?'
Psalm 121 ' Where does my help come from?'
Psalm 137 'Love for the Church'
Psalm 139 'Dark places'
Matt 22:1-14 'R u good enuff?'
Rom 4:1-8 'Christ's I.D'
Heb 4:14-16 'Don't stand up on your own 2 feet'
Luke 15:11-32 'Who get's the bigger party'
Matt 18:21-35 'Forgiveness'
Shepherding pt.1
Shepherding pt.2
Shepherding pt.3
Isaiah 9:1-7 'Better Christmas'
24/7 Estate Culture Discipleship
Holiness pt. 1 Eph 4:22
Holiness pt. 2 Rom 12:1 
Holiness pt. 3 Eccl 4:9
Is God Angry?
Money pt.1 'The Poor Excuse'
Money pt.2 'Money Love'
Money pt.3 'Stewardship'
'Who are you Rich Towards?' Luke 12:15-21
Church Mission and Vision 2013
'What do you Value the Most?' Luke 16:19-34
'Crying out for Justice' Luke 18:1-8
'Why not Party with Jesus' Luke 14:15-23
'Respect' Luke 14:7-11
'Problem Serving Jesus'
'Choose Freedom' Mark 3:14
'Forgiving Like God' 
'Who do you Treasure' Matt 13:44-45
'Talking the Talk' Matt 21:28-32
'Listen to Jesus's Call' Matt 22:1-14
Be Prepared
'Good and Bad Fish' Matt 13:47-50
'Lost Son' Luke 15:1-31
'Messi and the Mustard Seed' 
'Saul Syndrome'
'Be Still' Psalm 46
'Who are you bearing Fruit for?' Luke 20:9-19
'Suffering and Joseph'
Gospel Priority: Churches (Lecrae Talk)
'Foolish Virgins' Matt 25:1-13
'Call out to God' Psalm 50:15
 'By Grace Through Faith' Eph 2:8-9
'No More Drama'
'True Friendship'
'This is Where I Live'
'God's Christmas Gift' John 3:16


Unfinished Business pt. 1 New Years 2014
Unfinished Business pt. 2 'Authority'
Unfinished Business pt.3 'Reluctance'
Unfinished Business pt.4 'Discipleship'
'Wisdom in Trials' James 1:8
'Is God Angry At You'
'Rest' Matt 11:28-30
'How to Get Respect' Mark 10:42-45
'Pain Free' Mark 8:34-38
'Living Sacrifice' Romans 12'
'Make up' Luke 20:45-47
'Who Do You Fear' Luke 12:4-7
'Superheroes' Luke 24
'Love One Another' 1 John 3:11-18
'Why Worry?' Luke 12:2-26
'Who Cares?' Psalm 23
'Dry Places' Psalm 63
'Just Talk' Acts 11:19-26
'Valuable' Psalms 8
'Don't Throw it Away' Psalm 95
'Safety' Psalm 16
'The Golden Calf' Exodus 32:1-6
'We Need Jesus' Matthew 1:18-25
'Compassion' Psalm 63
'Gods of our Culture' Joshua 24
Romel's Story


Through the Bible (2014-16)
Full 'Through the Bible' Playlist
'God's Governors' Genesis 1:26-28 
'Editing Your Life Story' Genesis 2-3 
'Something's Crouching at your Door' Genesis 4
'Noah and the Sinful Hearts' Genesis 6 
'Frustration' Genesis 11 
'Comfort Zones' Genesis 12:1-4
'Fearing God' Genesis 22:1-18
'Suffering and Joseph'
'He loves me, He loves me not' Genesis 25:1-34; 27:1-36
'Broken Dreams' Genesis 37-50
'Cry Out!' Exodus 1-3
'Passover' Exodus 11-12
'Getting the Relationship Wrong' Exodus 20
'Bad Report' Numbers 13-14
'Inclusion' Joshua 2-6
'Team Effort' Joshua 7
'Boom Bust Relationship' Judges 2:10-19
'Living Up To Your Potential' Judges 4-5
'Not Enough Resources' Judges 6:1-26
'Right In Our Own Eyes' Judges 13-16
'He Will Fight For You' 1 Samuel 17
'Getting Good Advice' 1 Kings 1
'Building Your Own Kingdom' 1 Kings 12:5-13
'Running Away From God' Jonah 1
'Church and Idols' 2 Chronicles 34:1-13
'Read the Bible Like Josiah' 2 Chronicles 34:14-33
‘Wasting Jesus’ death’ Isaiah 53:5
'Calling' Jeremiah 1:1-9
'Cheating On God' Jeremiah 3:6-14
'Derailed' Jeremiah 39-50
'Prayer' Daniel 6 
'Is Church Worth It?' Ezra 1-2
'Spiritual Warfare' Ezra 4 
'Bullet Proof' Matthew 3:13-17
'Temptation' Matthew 4:1-11
'Treasure Hunters' Matthew 13:44-46
'Pay Back What You Owe' Matthew 18:21-35
'Repent and Believe' Mark 1:15
'Faith Through Life's Storms' Mark 4:35-41
'Let the Children Come To Me' Mark 10:13-16
'Abandonment' Mark 15:33-34
'Fear in Evangelism' Mark 16:1-8
'Protection and Abuse' Luke 4:14-31
'Beam Research' Luke 6:41-42
'Heart Condition' Luke 6:43-45
'Good Samiritans' Luke 10:25-37
'The Lord's Prayer' Luke 11:1-4
'Praying with Bold Persistence' Luke 11:5-14
‘Self Righteousness’ Luke 18:9-14
‘Here Comes the King’ Luke 19:28-47
‘Fruit for Jesus’ Luke 20:9-19
'Suffering and God's Glory' John 9 
'Jesus Wept: Grieving Loss' John 11:32-35
'Expansion' Acts 1:6-8
‘Father of Compassion’ 2 Corinthians 1:3
‘Knock On Comfort’ 2 Corinthians 1:4
'Fake' Matthew 13:47-50  



BOOK OF MATTHEW (2005-2008)
Matt 04_18-24 Joining Jesus’ kru
Matt 05_01-04 Law of the new street pt01 "Our attitude to sin"
Matt 05_05 Law of the new street pt02 "meekness"
Matt 05_06 Law of the new street pt03 "Build up an appetite for God"
Matt 05_07 Law of the new street pt04 "Mercy"
Matt 05_08 Law of the new street pt05 "Heart disease"
Matt 05_09-16 Law of the new street pt06 "Operation peacemaker"
Matt 05_17-20 Jesus is the solution.
Matt 05_21-26 Murder
Matt 05_27-32 Sex, Marriage + Divorce
Matt 05_33-37 Representing
Matt 05_38-42 Revenge & Hostility
Matt 05_43-48 Beef mentality
Matt 06_01-18 Role-play or Relationship
Matt 06_09-15 The Lords prayer
Matt 06_19-24 Treasures in heaven
Matt 06_25-34 Don't Worry!
Matt 07_01-06 Don't Judge
Matt 07_07-11 Keep on knocking
Matt 07_12 The Golden Rule
Matt 07_13-23 The Way into Heaven & False teachers
Matt 07_24-29 Storm Warning
Matt 08_01-04 Jesus meets a leper
Matt 08_05-17 See you at the feast
Matt 08_18-22 What's a disciple look like?
Matt 08_23-27 What's discipleship look like?
Matt 08_28-34 Jesus the demon slayer
Matt 09_01-13 Operation forgiveness
Matt 09_14-17 What's fasting all about?
Matt 09_18-34 How to experience New Wine?
Matt 09_35-38 What's our job description?
Matt 10_01-04 The Twelve Disciples
Matt 10_05-15 How do we communicate peace to people?
Matt 10_15-25 Ready to be persecuted?
Matt 10_26-33 Go Public with the gospel
Matt 10_34-39 Family division
Matt 10:40-11:01 A Prophets Reward
Matt 11_02-6 Don't repaint Jesus
Matt 11_07-24 Don't be flimsy
Matt 11_25-27 Gods pleasure
Matt 11_28-30 Whose yoke do you want?
Matt 12_01-14 Lord of the Sabbath
Matt 12_15-17 God's in control
Matt 12_18-21 A Tribute to my Saviour
Matt 12_22-32 Don't Blaspheme the Spirit
Matt 12_33-37 Good heart, Bad heart
Matt 12_38-42 Sign of Jonah/The Lost tomb
Matt 12_43-45 You're worse off than before
Matt 12_46-50 Jesus's Family
Matt 13_ 01to18 Use your ears!
Matt 13_19 Hard Hearts don’t understand
Matt 13_20-21 Shallow Hearts don’t last
Matt 13_23 Worldly hearts don’t bear fruit
Matt 13_24-43 Kingdom Growth
Matt 13_44-46 How valuable is God to you?
Matt 13_47-50 The Dragnet
Matt 13_51-52 Scribes for Jesus
Matt 13_53-14_12 Bad Responses
Matt 14_13-36 Who is this Jesus
Matt 15_01-20 Tradition vs. Heart Surgery
Matt 15_21-39 Mercy
Matt 16_01-12 Bad Leaven
Matt 16_13-17 Blessed Revelation
Matt 16_18 I will build my Church
Matt 16_19 Use Your Keys
Matt 16_20to28 Where's Your Cross
Matt 17_01to13 Jesus Has To Suffer For You
Matt 17:14-27 Faith In Context
Matt 18:01-04 Become Like Children
Matt 18:05-14 Caring For The Sheep
Matt 18:15-20 Conflict Resolution Part1
Matt 18:21-35 Conflict Resolution Part 2
Matt 19:01-12 Marriage
Matt 19:13-26 The Impossibility Of Salvation
Matt 19:27-20:16 What Will We Have
Matt 20:17-28 Serving To Death
Matt 20:29-21:22 Religious Pretenders
Matt 21:23-43 God Wants You To Bear Fruit
Matt 22:01-14 The Invitation
Matt 22:15-46 Don't be Jesus' enemy
Matt 23:01-12 Oih Pharisee, Glorify God!
Matt 23:13-28 Fake Christians
Matt 23:29-24:03 Judgment
Matt 24:03-05 Don't be led astray
Matt 24:06-08 Birth pains
Matt 24:09-14 What should we expect
Matt 24:15-22 Only the elect are safe
Matt 24:23-28 Beware signs and wonders
Matt 24:29 Don’t be distracted
Matt 24:30-31 Jesus is coming back
Matt 24:32-35 The Next Big Thing
Matt 24:36-25:30 Be Ready
Matt 25:14-30 'Wot have u done wiv your life?' (2010)
Matt 25:31-46 How are you treating Jesus
Matt 26:01-56 The Centrality of the Cross
Matt 26:57 - 27:26 We don't want Jesus as King
Matt 27:32-54 Jesus brings you near
Matt 27:55 - 28:20 Go Make Disciples